Must Have DIY Plumbing Tools

It’s true that there is no alternative to a professional plumber for your home’s plumbing repairs and new installations. However, there is some small repair work where you can get your hands a bit dirty. If you like to get down there and do the work yourself, you should be aware of some essential plumbing tools without which you won’t go anywhere.

In this post, I’ll give you a list of some essential DIY plumbing tools which are necessary to start and finish any simple repair work. Let’s get started:

Adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is the most basic plumbing tool you will need to get started. As the name suggests, an adjustable wrench can adjust its size and shape according to the requirement. With this tool, you can easily unscrew and screw showerheads, faucets, different sized taps, and many other plumbing entities.

Basic pipe wrench

Basic pipe wrenches are used to turn and hold the corners and joints of water pipes. If you have a couple of wrenches, you can use one to make a grip and the other one to turn the pipe’s fittings. They are used mainly to remove old joints of pipe in case of a blockage or pipe damage. For loosening and strengthening any old or new fittings, a pipe wrench is a go-to tool.

Plumber’s putty

Plumber’s putty is mainly used to create waterproof seals in between the pipe joints or any leakage point. If you are thinking to install a tub or anything which requires breaking and replacement of old plumbing work, plumber’s putty is necessary for the job. Watertight sealings are needed in many cases. It blocks any water leakage. Also, it helps in keeping the pipes and other plumbing entities at their respective places.


A plunger is probably the most essential plumbing tool there is. It helps you in repairing clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and jammed pipes. In case of a clogged drain, a plunger is a god-sent. It creates vacuum pressure in the area and thrusts the clogged minerals out of the waste. Similarly, it also helps in removing dirt from the kitchen sink. A plunger is an all-purpose tool for bathroom, toilet, and kitchen.


Hacksaw is a metal cutter which is used to cut down metal pipes, nuts, and screws. Whenever anything needs to be cut, Hacksaw is your go-to tool. You can get it at any hardware shop just for $15. Always keep tight blades in the hacksaw so that they work more effectively. Also, keep 2-3 extra metal blades, only in case if one breaks down while cutting a metal pipe.

These were the five most basic tools you should always have while doing DIY plumbing projects. For other intricate repair work, contact and get the job done. They have professional licensed plumbers working under them and are highly recommended.